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How to Get Out of The House While Working from Home

by Keith Whitener on September 29, 2020

 How to get out of the house while working from home

As we adjust to the new normal of a COVID world and our work from home environment, it is good idea to look at how to get out of the house while safely working from home. Skype, MS Teams and Zoom are going to become a standard method of holding meetings. Anyone with access to a good Wi-Fi connection will allow you to be productive while working from your Home Office. Your new "Home Office" might just be in your backyard by the pool!

At Explore Nomad we took the Traveling Office Concept to a new level by promoting products that allow you to travel with a virtual office equal to or even superior to your corporate office. These same products that let you work off the grid apply equally well to the backyard home office.


Look at getting out of the "Home Office" and into the "Outside Office"

Accessories for your Laptop such as portable USB powered monitors, directional microphones, micro stereo speakers and even Solar Powered products can make any outside area your new Home Office. Check us out at for all your of your mobile office solutions. Just don't run the Margarita mixer while on a conference call with your boss!

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