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You Don't Have a Go Bag-Now What?

by Keith Whitener on September 28, 2020

You don't have a go bag! Now what? - Explore Nomad

A Go Bag or BOB (Bug out Bag) is basically a 72-hour get out of dodge quick – we need to go now - Bag.

It is a portable kit that consists of items one would need to survive for a 3-day period - or longer - when evacuating their home from a disaster.

Ultimately everyone’s bag will be different based on personal preferences and where you are geographically located.

Currently with the COVID-19 pandemic we are in a shelter at home – do not GO anywhere condition. This does, however, create the perfect time – while you are at home – to put together your Go Bag so it is ready when needed.


At Explore Nomad we have family members who reside in California so COVID or not they still need to be prepared to Bug Out Quickly as it seems each year whether it is an earthquake, fire or mudslide they end up having to evacuate their homes on short notice.

When comprising items for a go bag, we broke it down into 15 basic categories.

In each category we have prepared a list that everyone can utilize and modify based on their own individual needs.

We have some friends that create Go Bags that look like they were made for surviving a Zombie apocalypse while other friends are more urban in nature and are looking at only the basic necessities.

With these 15 basic categories you can create your own unique Go Bag.


So, let us get started with items that everyone needs in their bag.

1. Documentation - both in paper and electronic form.            
  • Passport            
  • Driver’s License             
  • Medical Information             
  • Birth and Marriage Certificates             
  • Insurance - Medical, House and Car             
  • Copies of Bank and Credit Card Statements
2. Cash
  • This should be in denominations of $20 or less. When the power goes out your credit cards will not work, and most stores are not going to take a check or give you change for your $100 bill.
3. The Bag Itself             
  • We recommend a 50L - 60L size bag for men and a 30L - 40L size bag for Women, Children and Pets.
  • There are many types of bags to choose from backpacks and tactical bags to something as simple as a suitcase or duffel bag.
  • This really comes down to personal preference.
4. Food             
  • We like to keep this simple and pack Pure Protein Bars, Beef Jerky and Trail mix - you can go with Freeze dried food or MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) as well. Keep it light in weight and nutritious in content.
5. Water             
6. First Aid             
  • You can buy ready-made first aid packs or get packing cubes and build your own with basic first aid supplies.
  • Don’t forget any medications that you may require as well as items like sunscreen and bug repellant.
7. Clothing             
8. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)            
  • With COVID, dust, fires, and smoke - Personal Protective Equipment is even more important.
  • Face masks and eye wear become even more important.
9. Shelter             
10. Emergency Survival Kit             
  • We have one that is recommended that has everything you need in one compact container. Laser Pointer, Compass, Knife, Whistle, Mini Flashlight, etc.
11. Multi-Tool             
  • Basically, an all in one portable toolset. 
12. Light             
13. Cooking Gear and Utensils.             
14. Electronics and Portable Power             
  • These items consist of your phone with a battery backup and your laptop computer.             
  • I keep all of this in a separate work travel Go Bag but to keep things running in case there is no power I also bring portable solar chargers.
  • The type of Solar powered charger you bring can range from something smaller that keeps your USB devices like your phone charged to a larger solar charging system that can run your laptop and even recharge a car battery.
  • Note: Be on the lookout for a separate article that addresses Solar power with options for Go Bags, Camping adventures as well as work and travel.
15. Other              


Additional Items

  1. Weapons - we leave that to your personal preference, but I would be criticized if I did not at least mention weapons in this article. You will not find any weapons on our site.
  2. Paracord - 10mm outdoor rope and Carabiners - always comes in handy.
  3. Collapsible Trekking Poles
  4. Duct Tape - works on everything
  5. Dry Bags or Backpacks - or even something as simple as Zip Lock Bags.
  6. Your Toiletry bag - toothbrush, toilet paper and the like.
  7. If You Have Pets – the furry little critters should have their own GO BAG as well!


These lists can be tailored to everyone’s personal needs. At Explore Nomad we have most of the items listed above and more - with a lot of options based on personal preferences.

Our gear takes 14 to 21 days to ship - but is generally about 40% less than what you find on Amazon or at a retail store since we buy direct from the manufactures.

A key to our success  is that we test all our products prior to listing under our Explore Nomad brand.            

I hope you found this article informative - please check out our site and let us know what you think, and everyone stay safe out there and provide help to those who need it.


Thanks for reading!

Keith & Kristina From Explore Nomad

Explore Nomad

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