3.5mm Condenser Microphone


Say hello to the perfect addition to any conference call, podcast, videogame, and YouTube video! Using built in microphones can create poor audio quality that picks up even the slightest background noise. The 3.5mm Condenser Microphone fixes this issue by providing a portable microphone designed to make vocal performance clear, natural, and vibrant.

  • MINIMIZES BACKGROUND NOISE to isolate the main source and keep your audio clear and precise no matter your environment. No more dogs barking, birds chirping, or that annoying AC unit rattling in the background!
  • PORTABLE DESIGN meant to be thrown in your bag and brought on your adventures. This small, lightweight microphone comes with a fold up tripod and is perfect for portable offices and space saving home offices!
  • LONG 3.5mm JACK makes sure that you don’t use up one of your valuable USB ports to plug this microphone in. The 6ft cord can travel longer distances from the source making it perfect for an impromptu karaoke night! Just plug in and it immediately works without additional downloads or setups.

Improve your recording and get one now!


White, Black, Blue, Gold


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