Adjustable Portable Laptop Desk


Being able to work from home, remotely, or from around the world means not having a cubical or set office space. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a set desk to place your laptop, for the Adjustable Portable Laptop Desk is suitable for laptops up to 17″, sturdy, foldable, and convenient.

  • PROPER VENTILATION: Engineered with two built in cooling fans on the surface, this is the future of remote/home desks.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE HEIGHT: This desk can transform from a lap desk in bed to a standing desk at a coffee shop or coworking space. Not only does it provide a variety of work positions from 1.6in to 19in, but it helps support proper posture while working and can rotate 360 degrees for perfect customization.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE this desk can be easily packed for work travel. You can take it to the beach, woods, parks, and more without added struggle. Now you don’t need to look for the perfect table or wait until desk space opens up, just unfold this desk and work anywhere.

Create your perfect workspace and get one now!


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