Always With You Circle Reading Glasses


Looking for handy reading glasses that you can bring with you when you are traveling? Reading glasses that do not occupy much space inside your luggage? Are you always forgetting your reading glasses when you need them most? Then the Always With You Circle Reading Glasses is just what you need.

  • IT COMES WITH ITS OWN SLIM BOX that you can use to securely store your reading glasses and they will not easily break.
  • IT STAYS IN PLACE since all you need to do is clip the reading glasses on your nose bridge and they will stay in place. It comes with a flexible bridge allowing you to adjust the fitting perfectly.
  • ADHESIVE BACK so you can easily stick them to the back of your phone and never lose them again

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Black, Tortoise, Blue, Brown, Red

Eye Prescription

+100, +150, +200, +250, +300, +350


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