Bluetooth Sleep Mask Headphones


Tired of your uncomfortable headphones falling out at night and hurting your ears in the morning but can’t fall asleep without your white noise (or heavy metal) playing in the background?  Listen to your favorite, calming music as you doze off to sleep without bothering your partner! Use the Bluetooth Sleep Mask Headphones and own a product that you can use to listen to soothing sounds while letting you sleep even with the lights on.

  • WITH A FUNCTIONAL DESIGN, you can use this product as an eye mask so that you can doze off to sleep during the day, on a plane, or even when the light is still on.
  • EASILY CONNECT THE DEVICE TO YOUR MOBILE PHONE and play your favorite playlist, podcast, meditation, or TV show that will take you to your dreamland in no time!
  • GET SLEEP ON A PLANE-try these and arrive at your destination rested and relaxed.
  • BUILT-IN SPEAKERS AND MICROPHONE allows you to make calls, listen to white noise or podcasts, and more!
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY providing 10+ hours of listening time with only 2 hours of charge time.

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