Digital Graphic Design Tablet


Do you create artwork and designs on your computer and need more precision? Are you looking for a portable version of your favorite graphic tablet so you can sketch, paint, play games, design, and more on the go? If so, the Battery Free Digital Graphic Design Tablet is for you!


  • EXPRESS KEYS that are easily programmable and help to improve work efficiency. You won’t have to keep switching back and forth between using your mouse and tablet.
  • BATTERY FREE STYLUS PEN adopts the most passive technology, no battery or charging is required. This pen is environmentally friendly and allows for consistent and uninterrupted drawing and playing. It comes with two programmable express keys, one-click toggle to eraser, and 8 extra nibs for easy replacement.
  • 8192 LEVEL PEN PRESSURE provides you with precise control and accuracy at your fingertips. You can create more natural lines and enhance your creative performance.
  • PORTABLE ACTIVE AREA that measures 6.5 inches by 4 inches making it lightweight, easily carried, and functional at the same time.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST SOFTWARE including Android 6.0 and above, Windows 7/8/10 or above, and Mac OS 10.12 or above. Also compatible with most drawing software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Studio, Lightroom, Sketchbook Pro, Manga Studio, CorelPainter, FireAlpaca, OpenCanvas, Paint Tool Sai2, Krita, Medibang, Bamboo Paper, and so on. You can even synchronize it with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC signature Application for easy digital signature for businesses.
  • DUAL MONITOR ADAPTATION helps when working with multiple monitors. You can choose the pen response in only one monitor, or in both.

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