Electric Pulse Neck Massager


Feeling stressed after a long day at work? Want to go home to a relaxing massage but it is too late to contact a home service masseur? Fret not as the Electric Pulse Neck Massager is here to help you relax and experiencing a comfortable evening even when at home.


  • USES INTELLIGENT ELECTRIC CURRENT that stimulates your muscles as if you are being massaged. With 6 modes and a total of 15 strengths, you can conveniently customize the intensity of the massage depending on your comfort level.
  • PORTABLE AND HANDY, you can use it at home, inside your office or even bring it with you when you travel. What a great way to get a massage while flying to your next work/vacation adventure!
  • ATTACHABLE BACK AND SHOULDER PADS so you can provide much needed relief to other areas of your back while massaging your neck!


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