Lightning Charger AUX Splitter


Listen to your favorite music even when you are charging your phone! Own a convenient, multipurpose cable that allows you to multitask. Grab the Lightning Charger AUX Splitter and have the ease of plugging in your headphones and charging your device at the same time.

  • IT COMES WITH DUAL PORTS for your convenience. One port is used to charge your phone while the other socket is for your 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • FAST CHARGE TECHNOLOGY allows you to charge your phone quicker so that you can get back to your adventure in no time.
  • HIGH FIDELITY SOUND QUALITY uses a decoding chip for a more heart-felt listening experience.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY using ABS raw materials and a copper core built to withstand bending and twisting.  This wont break or tear like other chargers, but is built with durability and elasticity.

Grab this 2-in-1 cable today!


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