Multi-Tool Keychain Fire Starter


Imagine this, you head down to the beach with some beers looking to meet up with some friends for a bonfire. When you get there, you realize the beers aren’t twist off.  No problem, you have the Multi-Tool Keychain Fire Starter, which has bottle opener on it. You crack one open and see that your friends are having trouble lighting to bonfire, and the night breeze is making you chilly. Then you remember the same multi-tool has a fire starter on it and BOOM you save the day.


  • WATERPROOF so you don’t have to worry about dropping it in a puddle or getting it wet in the rain. Nothing will stop this tool from starting a fire when you need it.
  • FILL WITH KEROSENE and use repeatedly. Not only will this multi-tool stay lit until extinguished, but it will produce a flame big enough to light large campfires without burning your fingers.


Start a fire anywhere and get one now!

Note: Fuel not included, random color sent


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