Multifunctional Bluetooth Selfie Stick


Make the most out of your solo vacation and never miss out on great scenes to capture and take home! Use the Multifunctional Bluetooth Selfie Stick and always have the means to take amazing pictures of yourself in all the places that you have been.

  • SMALL YET EXTENDABLE up to 28″, making it easy for you to carry around! With its handy design, you can slip the monopod inside your luggage and it will not consume much space.
  • CAN ALSO BE USED AS A TRIPOD so that you can take full-body images of yourself without anyone’s help!
  • INCLUDED SHUTTER STICK that is Bluetooth, making it easy for you to take pictures from afar without setting a timer and running to make sure you make it into the picture.

Travel with this selfie stick now!




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