Outdoor Folding Gas Stove


Nothing is better than enjoying a hot meal while camping in nature.  The Portable Outdoor Folding Gas Stove not only makes it easy to cook at a campsite, but it is small and lightweight – perfect for backpacking. The multi folding thick stainless-steel design and simple carrying case makes this outdoor stove perfect for individuals who love to travel. 

  • EXTREMELY STRONG AND STABLE in a small package.  It has a high heat efficiency and great versatility. It conveniently connects to a standard butane canister.
  • NEWEST AIR PREHEATING TECHNOLOGY with twin channels to guarantee high heat efficiency. The high energy ceramic piezoelectric ignition system ensures a successful ignition every time!  No more struggling to light your stove, even on a windy day. The windproof design greatly improves service efficiency.

Whether you are hiking, camping, picnicking, or backpacking, the Portable Outdoor Folding Gas Stove is a perfect addition to your outdoor gear!


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