Portable Filtered Pet Water Bowl


Keeping your pets hydrated during your training and exercise is essential for your pet’s health. That is why you must always carry the Portable Filtered Pet Water Bowl so that you can have your pets drink water when you are away from home.

  • IT COMES WITH A BUILT-IN BOWL that allows you to dispense water onto the cup without having to carry an extra bowl for your pet to use.
  • WITH ITS LEAK-PROOF DESIGN, you can be sure that no water will be wasted as you only need to press the button to let water flow towards the bowl.
  • QUALITY WATER FILTRATION due to the added activated charcoal filter.  Only the best water for your pet no matter where you are!  The container is also BPA and lead free!

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Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink


Filter Replacement (2), Bottle With One Filter


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