Powerful LED Headlight


Do you need to use both hands while also having a well-lit environment in the dark? Do you find it difficult to experience all your adventure needs while holding a flashlight? If so, the Powerful LED Headlight is for you!

  • DIVERSE RANGE OF OPTIONS including a number of LEDs, zoom, and touch sensors. The zoom feature helps detect environmental stimuli up close and far away with ease. The touch sensor makes it easy to turn the light on and off, change modes, and operate with ease.
  • MULTIPLE MODES OF BRIGHTNESS ideal for any and every situation you face. Between 1 -5LEDs and an emergency strobe setting, you can be assured this headlamp will meet all your lighting needs.
  • IPX6 WATERPROOF DESIGN makes using this headlamp in all weather conditions and environments easy. No more worrying about your lighting disappearing just because it is raining outside.


Light up your future and get one now!


3 LEDs, 5 LEDs, 5 LED Zoom and Touch


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