Rechargeable Sleep Machine


Now you and your little one will have a long and relaxing sleep without being bothered by noises at night! Turn on the Rechargeable Sleep Machine and instantly filter out the white noise that may be distracting you or your family from getting that tranquil rest. Small and light enough take with you while traveling to get to sleep faster or block out ambient noises. 


  • IT COMES WITH 9 KINDS OF NATURAL SOUND that will put you to sleep. From bird song, cricket sound, bicker, wave sound, waterfall, lullaby and so much more!
  • WITH ITS AUTO SHUT-OFF TECHNOLOGY, you won’t have to worry about the device being left turned on when you have fallen asleep as it shuts off automatically.
  • RECHARGABLE with an included USB cord. No more looking for batteries when you are already comfy in bed.


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