Retractable Leash, Flashlight & Dispenser


Take your adorable pet for a quick walk or take them with you on an outdoor adventure while putting their safety as a top priority. Use the Retractable Leash, Flashlight & Dispenser and own a practical pet product that comes with lots of advantages.


  • IT COMES WITH A BUILT-IN FLASHLIGHT so that you can safely take your dogs out for a walk, even during the evening. Using LED light, it is eco-friendly and energy-efficient.
  • DESIGNED TO BE RETRACTABLE, making it easy for you to store when not in use. Plus, it also includes a garbage bag compartment allowing you to clean up after your dog if they poop while you are taking them for a walk.
  • INCLUDED POOP BAG DISPENSER, so you don’t get that awkward judgy look from pedestrians when you realize you forgot your bags at home and there are none in sight.


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