Studio Condenser Microphone


Have you been looking for a great microphone to start recording your own content?  Whether it be podcasts, music, vlogs, or YouTube videos, you can trust the Studio Condenser Microphone to do the job. It’s a great addition to your portable or home office!

  • PROFESSIONAL SOUND QUALITY that picks up sensitivity with low noise, high sound pressure levels, and a large dynamic range.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE ATTACHMENTS to make your setup not only stylish with multiple colors to choose from, but functional.  From a double-layer high quality mesh cover to filter airflow and saliva to a windproof net cotton attachment for the elimination of the “POP” sound during recording, this microphone has it all.
  • DURABLE AND PORTABLE design with zinc alloy paint, a long audio line for perfect position, three gold plated anti-corrosion and anti-rust connectors, 180 degree adjustment and desk clamp.  You can make sure this mic is set up perfectly wherever you are and easily fold and transport it without worrying about damage.

Start creating perfect audio content and buy one now!


Gold/Black, Silver/Black, Black, Gold, Silver/White, Silver/Blue, Gold/Blue


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