Type-C Charger/AUX Splitter


Confused about whether to charge your phone or listen to your favorite music on your mobile phone? Now you won’t need to choose when you have the handy Type-C Charger/AUX Splitter ready for you to use anytime, anywhere.


  • IT COMES WITH 3 PORTS that you can use to connect to your mobile phone, your charger, and to your 3.5mm audio jack! This way, you can listen to your playlist while still charging your phone.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST C-TYPE PHONES no matter what brand it may be. They are plug-and-play ready which means you won’t need to install any software to make the device work!


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*Apple headphones cannot control the volume*


Direct Connect, Standard Plastic, Standard Braided, 90° Angle Cord


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